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Comments and Stories

I plan to update this site as stories are brought to my rememberance.  I would love for you to comment any stories or any memories you have of Dad.


  1. mick connors (aka Grim Reaper) mick connors (aka Grim Reaper)

    played many ours with Vince (Live Wire) on call of duty had many many laughs he will be sadly missed was such a shock and surprise to hear of his passing

  2. Miki K Summey aka {UST}Hogan Miki K Summey aka {UST}Hogan

    This is a sad day in our Call of Duty gamming community and for the {UST} United Snipe Team family. I only needed a few minutes when we first meet to know this man had a big heart and easy going man. The UST family has lost one of our best players. I am so sorry this message is so late as we at UST just heard the bad news. I know in my heart that God has great plans for Vince or the lord wouldn’t have taken him so soon from us. RIP dear friend. Hogan over and out

  3. Pascal ( Pascal (

    Rest in Peace my friend, i will cherish all the good moments we had. Forever in my mind buddy. I wish all the strenght and best to Vince his family. May god be with you.

  4. Tim Putt Tim Putt

    Your Dad, one story Vince and I always talked about was a time we were doing the K&B/Harco conversions. He was on my team, but since I was running the project we spent a lot of time stopped along the roads, he and a couple other team members in the van while I ended up on a pay phone. (before we had cell phones) He always felt it important to share that all I ever did was talk and he did all the work. Well, I can talk, but as we all know so could your dad, so that was what made it a good laugh.

    Another one is he and I had worked late, not sure what we were doing, but we ate at O’Charleys. You can picture you dad going “Chief, when are we gonna eat, I’m starvin!” LOL Anyways. We got there and they brought bread/rolls out as usual. He sat there and ate a couple baskets of bread before his dinner. Then he ate appetizers and then his main course. The next morning he calls, “Chief, I think I ate to many rolls, not sure I can make it the whole day with you”. After a little ribbing about him eating everything in site and that I am sure it was more than just the rolls, he worked about ½ a day and then went back to the hotel. After that, we would talk about where to eat, and I would mess with your Dad about going to O’Charleys as I have heard they have the best rolls. He would say “I will go there for the food, but no rolls for me” in his normal laugh and probably a chief in there a time or two.

    Honestly Paul, your Dad brought many laughs to my life and I am sitting here smiling and tearing up at the same time. We would joke about anything and everything, so only sending you a couple doesn’t seem like it’s enough. But what I can tell you is these two memories are those that stick in my mind, one he would mess with me, the other I would mess with him. I still miss him every day and I look forward to the day I get to laugh with him again.

    Take Care and keep in touch.

  5. Christopher G. Beck Christopher G. Beck

    When the decision was made to form a Disaster Recovery Field team, Rite Aid Field Tech Support turned to the gulf coast for leadership. Drawing on our direct experience with hurricanes like Katrina, Gustav, and Sandy, Vince and I worked together to document a reliable response plan, and in June of 2014 the first five-member Disaster Recovery class arrived in New Orleans for training. It was the first time in New Orleans for several members of the group and at the end of each day, “what’s for dinner” was on everyone’s mind. Vince knew some good places and when he suggested the Palace Café on Canal, we all agreed and we all walked the several blocks to get there. Counting me and Vince, our group was seven people and the hostess told us it would be at least thirty minutes before we could get a table. All eyes turned to the bar. All except Vince, he caught sight of some empty chairs along the windows overlooking the kitchen and asked if we could sit there. The hostess said “sure”, and what followed was the most entertaining, enjoyable dinner I can remember. We all enjoyed watching the action, but Vince really hit it off with the chef in front of us, the dessert chef, at one point even toasting each other through the window. Vince with his glass and the chef pretending to take a few chugs from the bottle of rum he used for Bananas Foster! It was a great moment and one of the strongest memories I have of my friend.
    Since then all of our Disaster Recovery training classes have gone to the Palace Café for dinner, but 2016 was the first without Vince. Our response plan works well, and our class was too big to sit at the windows last May, but this story was told and all glasses were raised to Vince. As will always be the case for as long as I’m involved with the team.

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